Our Story

Buildom® bathroom pods rose from a need in the construction industry to cut down stressful projects that ran over time. Delays were frequent due to the nature of dealing with multiple contractors for smaller parts of a project, such as a bathroom. While a bathroom itself is a smaller part of the building, the people involved with an on site build is a long list – plumbers, electricians, tilers, floor layers, sealant applicators, decorators, glaziers, carpenters and other specialists.

Modular bathrooms or bathroom pods do away with most of these issues and although the capital cost may not be less than site-constructed bathrooms, savings from waste and improved quality result in less snagging and better performance in use. More significantly, reduced construction times mean earlier income streams from the property. Many general contractors who use bathroom pods put the cost of managing the punch/defects list at $500 per bathroom on a traditional build!

Here at Buildom®, we understand that managing a construction site is a busy job, and we make it our priority to make that job easier for you by providing a complete 6-step process. Buildom® bathroom pods are the strongest in the market, offering a superior quality product and a number of key benefits to assist in meeting your building needs.

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