A BUILDOM® bathroom pod is a complete modular bathroom prebuilt in the factory and delivered onsite ready to install.

BUILDOM® modular bathroom pods are the innovative solution for when you need high quality prefabricated bathrooms for time-critical projects.

The BUILDOM® modular bathroom pod solves the problems of inefficient traditional bathroom construction processes: significant delays with multiple contractors working onsite and the high numbers of costly defects.


BUILDOM® complete bathroom pods offer all the benefits of being prefabricated in our factory and delivered complete and ready to install to your site.

These are not flat-pack bathrooms but plug and play modular bathroom units.

Benefits of our innovative prefabrication process include:

  • Superior quality control – all our process are constantly monitored and supervised to meet the most stringent quality assurance requirements consistently throughout every aspect of construction
  • Cost savings – we save you money throughout all steps of the manufacturing process from integrated design to an efficient construction process using coordinated precision team work
  • No unforeseen delays – our clean dry factory and efficient supply management processes ensure no time is lost due to weather interruptions or preventable materials supply delays
  • Fewer trades people onsite means fewer coordination and compromising health and safety issues onsite

Our innovative prefabrication processes allow us to fill individual and short orders with no minimum production run. And we guarantee delivery in full on time.