Here at BUILDOM®, we understand that managing a construction site is a busy job, and we make it our priority to make that job easier for you.

Through our strong history, we have developed a 6-step process for modular bathroom installation that is fluid, reliable and takes some stress out of your project.

  • Step 1 – Design

    We work with you to create the bathroom your site requires, and using the architect specifications, we provide a comprehensive design which can then be used to scope fees and time frames.

  • Step 2 – Prototype

    Upon completion of the design and project requirements, we create a prototype of the bathroom you require. The prototype is then inspected, finalised and becomes the model for the other modular pods to be built and constructed.

  • Step 3 – Manufacture

    Once the full design sign off and prototype has been approved, we work with you to agree on production timeframes and delivery dates for scheduling.

  • Step 4 – Transport

    The finished bathrooms are scheduled for transport by Buildom® and arrive on-site and on time for installation as required, as this can be a staged process depending on project timeframes.

  • Step 5 – Installation

    Your fully protected pod bathroom is then craned into site and placed in the final installation position, where plumbing and electrical connections are prepared. Average installation is up to 10 pods per day at large construction sites. Buildom can provide training and specialist equipment for pod installation as required.

  • Step 6 – Connection

    The completed unit is clad with Gyprock® and is fixed with the rest of the room, and connections are made from the floor below. The end result is a high quality bathroom, at a quicker pace, with less overhead and scheduling delays.

    Gyprock is a registered trademark of CSR Building Products Limited