Modular bathrooms are bathroom units complete with all interior fittings and cladding, built offsite in controlled factory settings, and delivered to the building site ready for installation and connection.

All piping and electrical circuitry is in place, making connection straightforward.

This method of wet area construction dramatically reduces trade manpower on building sites, and allows time savings per typical floor finishes as well as time and cost savings across the entire project.

Bathrooms traditionally present more challenges during the build process, as they are tight areas where many trades converge.

Manufacturing in a factory environment helps to maintain a high level of quality control in areas that are typically the most time, cost and labour intensive.

Offsite bathroom pod construction is an enormously popular concept in Europe and is potentially worth some $30 billion to the Australian industry, according to construction advisor David Chandler.

The advantages of modular bathrooms are being realized across a wide range of building projects including:

  • Hotels
  • Large Apartment Blocks
  • Education Institutions
  • Retirement Villages
  • Medium & High Density Housing
  • Student Accommodation
What is a Modular Bathroom


Architects will enjoy a simpler design process without having to make allowances for unknown factors and inconsistencies in the build process.

Bathroom pods represent a complete ‘drag and drop’ solution that can be easily moved around the design plan, leaving the architect free to focus on creative, inspired and innovative design.

Developers love modular bathrooms because they streamline project management and simplify budget control.

Specified delivery timeframes can be guaranteed, and managing fewer trades onsite simplifies workforce coordination, payment and contract issues.

Health and safety issues are more manageable because there are fewer teams on the job at the same time, and constructing modular bathrooms in a controlled factory environment results in fewer faults in the completed product.

Builders have embraced bathroom modules because it makes their job easier. No more congestion (or scarcity), of trades or managing delays caused by incomplete work, construction faults or product shortages.


Next Generation Bathroom Modules - Cost Savings

We commissioned respected firms Solid State and Napier Blakeley to conduct a Cost Study which compared Buildom’s Superior Vertical Delivery Bathroom Pod Systems with conventional in-situ bathroom construction.

Executive Summary

There is an overall project time saving predicted by Solid Support of five working weeks, and with less crane lifts and less labour resources required on site during the construction programme, which is reflected in the foregoing cost comparisons.

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